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Agricultural development remains a key priority for the Government of Somaliland. The ministry of agricultural development recognizes the urgent need to streamline agricultural development projects at the stages of identification, planning and implementation.


The Mandate of the Ministry of Agriculture Development (MOAD) is to create an enabling environment for sustainable social and economic development of the sector with a view to an improved food security of the growing population.


Develop a competitive and sustainable agriculture sector that meets the household and national food security and ensures prosperity of the agricultural and agro-pastoral communities in Somaliland.


To steer the development of the agriculture sector to ensure the realization of its potential in order to effectively contribute to national development by ensuring national food security, poverty reduction and improved standards of living of rural communities.

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Wasaarada Horumarinta Beeraha Jamhuuriyada Somaliland Waxay ka shaqaysaa waxaha hoos ku xusan guud ahaan iyo gaar ahaan ba

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Sustainability of Agricultural Production In Somaliland

Agricultural sector in Somaliland is ranked second in importance to the livestock sector among the productive sectors. Recent estimates indicate that 20 to 25% of the population depend directly on the sector for their livelihood. Somaliland has a total land area of about 137,600 square kilometers of this 10% is suitable for crop production.

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The minister will encourage that such project focus on at least one of the priority areas identified by ministry. Project assessment, development and implementation will be collaborative effort between the implementing agency and the ministry of agriculture. The ministry of agriculture would like to recognize the support given by OXFAM in development of the strategic plan. The ministry is grateful to the team of experts who formulated the plan. Also, the ministry is thankful to the directors of departments and regional coordinators for their full cooperation during the preparation of the strategic plan. Lastly, but not least the ministry thanks specifically the secretary of the minister for external communication, as well the secretary of the DG for internal communication.

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