Vice president of Somaliland Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Saili) Launches April 28, 2018, a project digging 1500 hector Agricultural Zone Wajale.

Event about this project hold Wajale Participate delegation lead Somaliland Vice president, Minister of Agricultural Development Ahmed Mumin Sed, Minister of Education and Science Yasin Faraton, Military Chief of Commander MG Nouh Ismail Tani, Police Chief of Commander MG Abdilahi Fadal Iman, Director General of Ministry of Agricultural Development Dr. Ahmed Ali Mah and other officials from Government.

“This operation about agriculture implementing Government and launching today is a sign how we are ability to achieve food security” Said Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail, Vice President of Somaliland.

“This year about plan is to farming Wajale different varieties that some of them is Sorghum, Maize, Sisin, to increase food security of the country” Said Ahmed Moumin Sed, Minister of Agricultural Development in Somaliland.

Wajale is Agricultural Zone Keeping and production their food Somaliland Army for the last 25 years.

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