Government of Somaliland investment these year three large projects to increase agricultural production of the country.

13, August, 2018, Minister of agricultural development and other cabinet of the government of Somaliland launched Xaaxi agricultural plowing Project.

Ministers of Finance, Water, Health, Deputy minister of Planning and vice chairman of ruling party Kulmiye participate these event launched launched Xaaxi agricultural plowing Project.

“Objectives of the plowing Xaaxi district is to achieve our country food security” Minister of Agricultural Development Mr. Ahmed Mumin Sed, Said for his speech event launched for this project.

Other officials

This is the second project launched these year that part of the three large projects government of Somaliland buy for their budget to promote agricultural production.

First project launches government of Somaliland is Wajale Agricultural production,that launches April in these year 1500 Hectares.

Third project that government of Somaliland will start for coming months is Beer, Togdher Region.

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Ministry of Agricultural Development

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