Somaliland Minister of agricultural development Ahmed Muomin Sed yesterday visit to the Wajaale farm project to monitor the level of farming large wheat planted.

Mowlid Hassan Project manager of the Wajaale farm project gave information to the minister for the project and their vision about food security.

“This year we have grown 1,200 hector of wheat and this based vision of the government to achieve food security,” Project manager told minister of agricultural development.

This project is one of three large agricultural projects that government of Somaliland financed to their budget and the objective of these projects is to lead Somaliland people to invest their agricultural and increase food production of the country.

Investment of agricultural projects is the second year that the government of Somaliland financed to the three areas called Wajale, Beer and Xaaxi.

President of Somaliland Muse Bihi when he becomes office he announced to prioritize food production of the country.

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